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Silicon Nitride LPCVD Tube

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Silicon Nitride LPCVD Tube

Process Description:
Low pressure chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) is performed in a vacuum environment at higher substrate temperatures such as 600 - 820°C. This process is based on the chemical reaction of gaseous compounds to form a thin film deposition. Thermal energy source is the primary driving force for the reaction while the lower pressures reduces gas phase nucleation. Together these system parameters achieve reasonable deposition uniformity and allow control of the deposition kinetics.
System Description:
The LPCVD nitride system is located in the middle right-hand tube of the Thermco furnace. The system uses a Tymkon microprocessor sequencer to automatically control all vacuum valves, gas flow, and pressure control. The tube temperature is manually adjusted on the temperature controls located on the side of the system. Wafers are loaded and pushed into the tube manually.


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