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Chemicals and Materials Allowed at WCAM


No chemicals or materials except those on the list may be brought into the WCAM labs.

    Many pieces of equipment have further restrictions, which are also shown on the list. It is your responsibility to check the list before using your chemical at WCAM.

    These restrictions are intended to minimize contamination of equipment with materials that may affect processing. They are also safety requirements.

    Each material or chemical must be approved for use in the WCAM labs, and for use in the equipment where you want to work. This applies to chemicals that may be common in other labs, and to materials you may feel are chemically similar to materials that are already approved. In every case, the specific formula, form, and concentration of a chemical must be approved. Violations are bad for everyone. Violators will be held accountable.

    If your chemical or material is not listed, you must complete the New Material Request Form. Please fill in the form completely, use File > Save As... to save it to your computer, and send the completed form as an email attachment to lab manager Dan Christensen.

    If the chemical or material is already on the list, you may bring it into the lab without completing the request form. If you have questions about where you can use it, ask the staff. Consult with staff regarding proper storage procedures.

    Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for chemicals and materials used in the WCAM labs can be found at the users' computer station in the gowning room. WCAM also makes selected MSDS available online.

    Click here for a list of chemicals supplied by WCAM.

    Please note: Information and procedures provided on this site are intended to be used in the WCAM labs, by lab members who have been trained by WCAM staff. No other applicability is implied.

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