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WCAM Lab Access Renewal
     As part of WCAM's ongoing effort to maintain high standards of laboratory safety, and in compliance with laboratory safety regulations, WCAM requires all lab members to attend an annual renewal session. If you wish to maintain your WCAM access privileges, you must attend. You will be contacted by email when your renewal is due.
     The sessions take about one hour. They consist of a review of cleanroom policies and current safety concerns, a discussion period for user input, and a presentation by the UW Safety Department. Everyone must attend the whole session: late arrivals will not receive credit for attendance.
     If you are unable to attend your scheduled session for some good reason - for example, because you will be in Stockholm accepting a Nobel prize - please contact Quinn Leonard before your session date. If you miss a renewal session, be advised that if you continue to fall behind, your access to the lab may be suspended until you bring your renewal status up to date again.
     Please contact Quinn if you have any questions.

     Renewal sessions are held in the Engineering Centers Building. The planned schedule for 2016 and 2017 follows, but note that room assignements may be subject to change:
January 26, 2016   Tuesday   10:30 AM   Room 1045 ECB
March 9, 2016   Wednesday   3:00 PM   Room 1045 ECB
May 12, 2016   Thursday   9:00 AM   Room 1045 ECB
July 15, 2016   Friday   1:30 PM   Room 1045 ECB
September 12, 2016   Monday   10:30 AM   Room 1045 ECB
November 8, 2016   Tuesday   3:00 PM   Room 1045 ECB
January 25, 2017   Wednesday   9:00 AM   Location: TBD
March 9, 2017   Thursday   1:30 PM   Location: TBD
May 12, 2017   Friday   10:30 AM   Location: TBD
July 10, 2017   Monday   3:00 PM   Location: TBD
September 12, 2017   Tuesday   9:00 AM   Location: TBD
November 8, 2017   Wednesday   1:30 PM   Location: TBD

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