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Lab evacuation procedure                Chemical spill
Evacuation map & Emergency phone numbers                Chemical splash to the eye
Fire emergencies                Corrosive splash to the skin
Severe weather procedures                Hydrofluoric acid splash
Chemical transport procedure                Non-corrosive chemical splashes

    Safety is the ongoing responsibility of everyone who works in the WCAM laboratories, staff as well as users. Users are expected and required to observe good lab safety practices at all times. Many specifics of lab safety are outlined in the the WCAM Safety and Health Program; many others have been taught to users in their laboratory classes, and should be carried forward to WCAM. Users are held accountable for knowing and following all such rules.

    When users encounter questions of lab work and safety for which they have had no specific training, they are expected to exercise rational and informed judgement in deciding how to proceed. Often, this will mean not doing what they want to do until they have discussed the situation with WCAM staff members. Users in the lab are expected to behave responsibly and cooperatively, and are considered accountable for their own behavior.


  • Information on the new GHS system for chemical labels and safety data sheets, which is currently being phased into use.

  • WCAM Safety and Health Program, which includes our Chemical Hygiene Plan.

  • Summary of WCAM Lab Rules, excerpted from the document above.

  • The Website for the UW's Department of Environment, Health, and Safety.

  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for chemicals and materials used in the WCAM labs can be found at the users' computer station in the gowning room.

  • WCAM makes also makes selected MSDS available online. These links are supplied for your convenience; they do NOT constitute a complete listing of chemicals which may be in use in our labs. For a complete listing, refer to the hard copies described above.

  • Contact WCAM staff if you have additional questions.

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