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Scheduling for these WCAM tools is handled through the LoCal online scheduling calendar:

If you have never used LoCal, you must create a LoCal account before you can use the calendar to schedule time on tools. Go to the LoCal front page, choose "Sign Up", and follow the instructions to establish your account.

If you already have a LoCal account, you must obtain access rights to the LoCal schedule for the tool you wish to use. Contact the WCAM staff member responsible for that tool. You can find out who you need to contact by checking the WCAM Equipment page.

The LoCal calendar is managed by the UW Materials Science Center (MSC). Please contact the MSC with any complaints or problems relating to the calendar. WCAM staff cannot grant scheduling access to MSC tools, and vice versa.


To see the current status of WCAM tools, check the Clean Room Equipment Security System (CRESS) live status page.


To find a CRESS Buddy who can work in the lab with you at night, use the WCAM Buddy System Calendar, available through WiscCal. Click here for Buddy Calendar instructions.

Subscibe to the Buddy System calendar in Office365, or view the Buddy System calendar in a Web browser.

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